Facebook Hello will facilitate our communication in Android OS

Thursday, April 23, 2015
Software engineers at Facebookdo not stop to develop attractive services and projects to facilitate the work with our mobile devices.The company now presented its latest title for the platform Android OS, saying Hello and largely an alternative Dial application.Thanks to it, users will have the ability to easily block calls that do not want to answer, forward Geeky-Gadgets.

Facebok Hello will also provide information about people who call you, even if you do not have their phone in their contact list. Instead, the company will open and provide you with information about them, they have published in your social network . The company has integrated and useful search option with which to quickly find content that interests you at any time.

The application is integrated to Facebook Messenger and have the opportunity to conduct VoIP calls in this popular platform. Additional menu settings allow you to block certain people, in which case the talks will be transferred to voice mail and the list of missed calls. If you want to take advantage themselves of the benefits of Facebook Hello you can download it from this link.
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How to improve the security of Android devices

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Two-element validation is the best thing you can do to ensure yourself from programmers in the event that you get to your online record by Android gadget. Subsequently on the off chance that you have not yet started to exploit this opportunity the time it now, time to do so.

When you empower two-variable confirmation for a site, for example, Gmail, Lastpass or Facebook, you will get a code by SMS, each time I attempt to log in and you ought to enter a second venture to check that its you, not holed up behind your character programmer.

At the same time there are different approaches to make a two-component validation, and this is an application that produces code for you. You may have known about these applications some time recently, however will absolutely be helpful to see which of these applications, two-element verification in Android gadget informed us regarding Life Hacker.

They are advantageous on the grounds that you don't need to depend on a SMS message containing, code that you'll have to login first. All that is needed is to run the application being used, enter the secret key and duplicate the code. So how to enhance the security of an Android gadget :

1. Authy

The application considers a testament in two steps to a mixed bag of online administrations, for example, Gmail, Lastpass, Evernote, Dropbox and Facebook. You can likewise introduce Authy various gadgets - your telephone, tablet and machine. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need to utilize the application on your machine, is fundamental to have introduced Google Chrome. Authy application is bolted with PIN, so regardless of the possibility that your telephone is stolen, your data will be ensured.

2. Google Authenticator

The most evident contender is Authy Google Authenticator. This application dispatch this product classification. Google Authenticator lives up to expectations incredible, its free and simple to utilize. On the other hand, it won't offer any extra peculiarities.

3. Freeotp

Freeotp application is like Google Authenticator, however with a finer interface and open source code.

4. Toopher

Toopher help any site that is backed by Google Authenticator, however offers a few extra gimmicks. The application gives you a chance to choose when you are protected to sidestep the endorsement in two steps. What's more the inventors of Toopher, contend that the application save battery in your gadget.
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How to upload files from Dropbox for Android in SD card

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cloud Service Dropbox is very popular Among Owners of mobile Devices and constantly Surprising us with new Improvements to Facilitate Our ​​work in us. From the company is now using his official to INFORM us Blog That Will you include in ITS version of the Android OS one of the Most Requested features by users. The new version of the Service platform is now available for download from this Link , INFORM 9to5google.

Thanks to it we Can transfer files from Dropbox for Android profiles Directly to the SD Card. To do this we Have to Use "Quick Action" Button, Which is Located in the upper right corner of each document you want to That Keep. THEN you need to select sequential "More> Export> Save To Device", to make the transfer to the SD card.

Other Improvements in the new version of Dropbox for Android is Faster Search algorithm and the Inclusion of Support for Android L. transferring files to the SD Card is definitely Pretty good Functionality, Which Provides More Convenient way to Have Permanent access to Documents Even if we do Have not Internet access. To see if THESE Improvements Will Allow Service Cloud to Compete More effectively with Google Drive, OneDrive Microsoft, Apple iCloud, Box and others.
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Motorola and HTC will provide the first smartphone Android Silver

Thursday, October 2, 2014

In Recent Months the Internet has over and over showed up data That Google arrangements to quit making Nexus Smartphones. Rather, the organization arrangements to dispatch another stage That Says Android Silver , Which Will Allow us to Exploit the Full Benefits of the Stock form of ITS versatile Operating framework. Late Data on the Internet Revealed That the Internet monster Continues to deal with this venture, notwithstanding gossipy tidbits That He as of now HAD Given up on HIM Forward Techradar. 

Because of Them, we Understand That HTC and Motorola Will Become the First brand to Provide Devices with this brand in the business sector. Moto S is the name of A Model Known That is Expected to Have A 5.9-INCH QHD Resolution and quick Snapdragon processor 805 . Still no insights About the First Silver Android Smartphone with HTC logo, the Premier is Expected to see you soon in the business. 

The new stage at Google to Replace AIMS the Nexus Smartphone, As well as Google Play forms of the Devices on the Leading organizations. The organization arrangements to set softuerni and harduerni Certain Requirements, Which if BE Met by Producers Will Allow Them to Use That brand in the Products you Are. Will E Interesting to see the First Android Smartphone Silver and whether this idea can possibly Become A hit in the MIDDLE of the Consumers.
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Fableta leaked specifications of Sony Xperia Z3X

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sony has Developed new fablet WHO Will inherit Presented a year ago Model Xperia Z Ultra. Our Data uncover the gadget That Will BE Called Xperia Z3x, the First points of interest of it rose in July and now the Internet released aftereffects of benchmark tests. On account of uncover Them More insights About the Technical Specifications of the gadget Upcoming Sony , Reported Gsmarena. 

Like ITS antecedent, Xperia Z3x Will Have A substantial presentation, Which has A 6.2-INCH Diagonal and Provides Support for Quad HD Resolution of 2560h1440 pixels. Fabletat Will OPERATE with Android 4.4.2 OS and Kitkat is fueled by A Powerful 64-bit 810 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. That structural planning has four Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53 centers, Which Are supplemented by quick Adreno 430 representation chip. 

An alternate Interesting Feature That is the organization arrangements to incorporate 4gb RAM in fableta , Which Would Make it one of the First models with as Much RAM available. Xperia Z3x Also Expected to Have new bended 2/3 INCH sensor Sony Camera, Which has A 22.1-MEGAPIXEL Resolution. Taking everything into account That we note the Premiere of the new Parts A fablet of us Expected in the First 50% of 2015.
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How to increase font size of Android smartphones

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Maybe you recognized that lately there has been a pattern in which mechanical gadgets are gone for youngsters. Because of crumbling visual perception with age and decay of the driving aptitudes of more seasoned individuals are not able to utilize advanced contraptions due to the little catches and the fine print.

What do these more seasoned individuals who need to utilize a cell phone? How would you augment the textual style of your cell phone ? From CIO advise us that on account of venturesome application engineers as of now have an answer for this gathering of clients.

Managers of Android gadgets can now download the application Necta Launcher (for Seniors). It can make the catches bigger and more clear content. Furthermore clients of the iphone and ipad can do something comparative with the inherent ios apparatus called Accessibility.

See the profits of Necta Launcher:

1 Ease of utilization

Necta has less sub-menus. This implies that for a brief time you will discover what you require and do what you need.

2 Simplified capacities for youngsters and grown-ups

Despite the fact that the application is gone for more seasoned individuals, as its name says, it is likewise extraordinary for kids or any other individual who needs basic peculiarities when utilizing your telephone. Case in point, with Necta Launcher will be less demanding to use than the climate.

3 Personalization as indicated by individual tastes

The application makes maps bigger streamlines the controls of the Polaroid, and showcases valuable instruments like a spotlight on the home screen for simple access. The home screen might be redone, so you can include your most loved devices
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9th class result 2014(Exact time)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
SSC (9th) class result is coming on 21st August 2014 at 04.00 AM at night
Bise Sargodha 9th class result
Bise Lahore 9th class result
Bise Gujranwala 9th class result

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