8 features that you can use with Android device

Monday, June 30, 2014

As per information from a late gathering of Apple, only 8.5% of Android clients utilize the most recent adaptation, while 74% of the individuals who are utilizing the most recent rendition ios 7.

Really reasoned that no extraordinary contrast between the last two renditions of Android Jellybean (4.3) and Kitkat (v4.4). As per information from Google did, 72% of Android clients utilize exactly the last two adaptations of the working framework.

Whether rates are satisfactory as indicated by somebody or not, we'll take a gander at some particular Android characteristics , which we accept give more opportunity to the clients of the framework.

We The Economic Times displays some of them. On the off chance that you have any faltering in picking between working frameworks, the accompanying data may prove to be useful when settling on a choice.

1. Exchange information with Wifi Direct

Android Phones Making association straightforwardly to one another and Wifi system needn't bother with, you can exchange substantial documents with Wifi Direct minutes.

2. Simple association with NFC

You can interface two gadgets with innovation NFC (Near Field Communication), and when actuated installment framework. You can unite your telephone to your Visa.

3. Exchanging documents utilizing OTG

Allowed to utilize the USB association with your telephone to exchange and duplicate information and documents. Not at all like Apple, with Android you have the comfort to get to the document arrangement of the gadget.

4. Utilizing different consoles

Contrasted with Apple, Android gadgets permit you to utilize Swype and Slideit, ie Your console is not settled. The last two reveal to you the words, additionally can likewise alter and suit your style and offer alternatives for presenting expressions.

5. Blocking spam messages and calls

In the event that you utilize Android you will have the capacity to take full control in your grasp to piece messages and calls. ios does not permit a wonder such as this, so on the off chance that you need to make boycotts, head to Android.

6. Changing style

You can alter just about everything - vashniyat sort, the general feel and execution of the model. While every iphone shows up in the same way.

7. Shabby charging link

Are you utilizing Android telephone or tablet, you can undoubtedly stack it as extremely charger is the same with a large portion of the gadgets. Fruit gadgets thus have created stricter security and frequently shabby duplicates of the charging link won't work.

8. Expandable Memory

In the event that, nonetheless, Apple's 16gb insufficient and 32gb surpass the value furthest reaches that you have set yourself on Android gadgets you can just include a microsd card.
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Facebook will present the application to hours Slingshot

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Slingshot is the name of the new provision which is, no doubt created by Facebook as a contender to the prevalent Snapchat and simply a week prior showed up for download in a few nations. At that point the title was downloaded from the online Apple Store, and the organization affirmed its presence, including that it was transferred by misstep and will be prepared "soon". From 9to5mac illuminate us that the time for the authority presentation of Slingshot has happened in light of the fact that Facebook arrangements to present it just after a couple of hours.

The provision permits you to send pictures and feature cuts to quick messages to our companions, yet they will have the capacity to see them in the wake of sending a reaction. Clients can include their annotations and subtitles to them and as with Snapchat they will vanish after they look. In the event that you are occupied Slingshot will keep them for us until we discover available time, and afterward survey them again will be erased.

The title will be allowed to download and incorporates React catch that rapidly react to messages you get from your companions. Generally Slingshot was created as a more appealing and present day form of Poke provision that the organization has effectively stopped to create and keep up. Snapchat has an extensive client base and Facebook ought to attempt to present us something interesting keeping in mind the end goal to pull in thoughtfulness regarding the new item.
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Samsung Galaxy TAB S 10.5

Monday, June 9, 2014

Samsung prepare a special event that will be held on 12 June, which will see the latest generation tablet Galaxy Tab S. The company will demonstrate the capabilities of at least two new models that are 8.4 and 10.5-inch displays, and now understand More details on a larger device. Okazva that it will be characterized by very compact and has a thickness of only 6.6 mm, forward SamMobile.

From turn, is 0.9 mm less value than the iPad Air at a weight of 465 grams, compared to the Apple tablet weighs 469 gr In any case, we can expect that Samsung focus on these advantages, to draw attention to its new models. Galaxy Tab S 10.5 also has a "perforated" coverage in the rear like the smartphone Galaxy S5.

Technical specifications are expected to include the resolution 2560h1600 pixels, quad-core Exynos 5420 processor and 8-megapixel camera. Internal memory is 32GB, but can be increased with a microSD card, such as a tablet will run Android 4.4.2 OS and the last interface of Samsung. The new tablet the company is expected to have 3GB RAM and Mali-T628 GPU, and sales in the market will start by the end of the month.
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Nokia X

Friday, May 30, 2014
Nokia has at last discharged its first Android telephone, the "X"

What Nokia has attempted to do with the X is to make a telephone for its faithful client base, with Microsoft's administrations and Android applications. Through "X", Nokia has accomplished not just in bringing Redmond's administrations to the masses, additionally in discovering a cure to its conventional issue, applications.

Emphasizing a solitary catch at the front, the "X" is, busy center, much a typical Asha gadget. That forked, unrecognizable Android 4.1.2 and tile-like client interface go about as a prelude or a beginning step towards Windows Phone.

The prevalent Fastlane goes about as an alternate way to each late activity you've finished through the telephone.

The strong colors ought to claim more to the young instead of the first class, along these lines ought to the cost. What you do get at this extent is precisely what you would anticipate.

A 4″ showcase forthright, solid plan, 1ghz double center Qualcomm processor with 512 MB RAM, 3 megapixel fundamental shooter and 4 GB expandable memory. While trying to bring Microsoft's administrations to the up and coming era of cell phone clients, Nokia is additionally bringing Skype, and Onedrive, alongwith different administration
Most essential reality with respect to the telephone is its openness. 75% of all Android applications might be side-stacked and run on the telephone straightaway while the staying ones could be ported in a matter of hours. Furthermore we're not simply talking diversions here.

By hitting an arrangement with Telenor, Nokia can further expand its objectives and range. It is not just on the side of both the gatherings to proceed with together, additionally for the clients.


  • Processor: 8225 Qualcomm Snapdragon1GHz Dual Core
  • Networks: ESGM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900WCDMA 900 / 2100
  • Dimensions: 115.5 x 63 x 10.4mm
  • Weight: 128.66g
  • Screen: 4-inch IPS LCD, 800 x 480px
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Storage: Up to 32GB MicroSD
  • Rear camera: 3-megapixel fixed focus
  • Battery:
    • Stand by: 2G = Up to 28.5 days / 3G = Up to 22 days
    • Talk Time: 2G = Up to 13.3 hours / 3G = Up to 10.5 hours 
  • Pricing and Availability
  • Nokia X is available across Pakistan for Rs. 13,800.
    As mentioned above, the deal comes with free internet for six months if you run this phone on Telenor’s network.


    The competition, meanwhile, hasn’t exactly been lethargic either. While Nokia announced three starter-range phones in its X Family, Motorola stunned everyone by the amazing Moto G, which probably features the highest price-to-feature ratio of any phone in the world now.
    A few Sony phones such as the new Xperia E1 can also give the X a tough time. Samsung’s brandname and QMobile’s reach/price can make the ride tougher for Nokia’s phone too.
    Yet, the X is made by Nokia, a dying company which has a soft corner in most of this country’s hearts. That alone may turn this phone into a bestseller.
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Engine Valve Wholesale

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Inside your auto's motor, many controlled blasts called burning occasions brought on by lighting fuel-air mixture inside the motor produce heat. In the event that this high temperature is not controlled the motor will overheat and inner harm can happen. These high temperatures are controlled with the assistance of the cooling framework. A cooling framework comprises of a water pump, indoor regulator, radiator hose, hose cinches, radiator, radiator top and coolant. The indoor regulator is intended to control the stream of coolant through the cooling framework while the motor is warming up to working temperature.

A motor needs to work at a specific high temperature extent to be proficient. Once the motor is warm the indoor regulator will open to permit coolant stream to keep up a specific temperature. Most indoor regulators are intended to open at about 195° F however different temperatures are accessible for an assortment of requisitions. An indoor regulator comprises of a principle lodging, a plunger style of valve with return spring and a temperature touchy wax filled plunger that demonstrations as the sensing and enacting gadget. An indoor regulator keeps up motor temperature as is opens and closes all through the motor operation

Engine Thermostat
At the point when an indoor regulator breakdowns it can stick in the shut position not permitting the coolant to course, bringing about the motor to overheat. This will result in the vehicle to overheat in a short measure of time (about 5 minutes). Then again the indoor regulator could stay open bringing on the motor to run excessively chilly. For this situation the administration or check motor soon light could enlighten, emulated by an inconvenience code. To test an indoor regulator evacuate unit. Set up a container of water profound enough to blanket the indoor regulator totally. Next introduce a temperature gage into the water alongside the indoor regulator. A cooking thermometer works well for this.

Next, begin warming the water while viewing the thermometer, the indoor regulator ought to stay shut until the water achieves 190° as of right now the indoor regulator ought to begin opening and be totally open at something like 195°. On the off chance that the indoor regulator stays shut through the breaking point the indoor regulator has fizzled and needs supplanting. On the off chance that the indoor regulator is stuck open or broken it has fizzled and needs supplanting. Never run a motor without an indoor regulator in light of the fact that the indoor regulator fills in as a framework stream controller also. This means the indoor regulator has a particular opening that controls the move through the cooling framework. On the off chance that the coolant is permitted to stream excessively rapidly through the radiator the coolant won't have sufficient energy to exchange the hotness it has consumed. This will result in the motor to overheat.

Typical Engine Cooling System
Motor coolant is utilized to exchange heat from the motor to the radiator by the cooling framework. The radiator expels heat from the coolant by compelling air through the radiator blades. Without coolant your motor will overheat and if left unattended extreme motor harm will happen. Coolant shades can fluctuate from green, orange, blue and yellow each one having their defensive properties. (Note: coolant and radiator fluid allude to the same item, in underneath solidifying, coolant brings down the stop point consequently the name liquid catalyst and in warm climate coolant helps raise the breaking point, "coolant")
Red and Green Engine Coolant

At the point when an indoor regulator comes up short it will either stop the coolant stream at working temperature "stick shut" or neglect to stop the coolant stream bringing about the motor to run cool longer than would normally be appropriate. On the off chance that the indoor regulator falls flat "open" it will result in the coolant to persistently move through the motor creating a symptomatic inconvenience code (check motor light) to be set by the machine. At the point when an indoor regulator sticks shut it will result in the motor to overheat rapidly, more often than not inside 5 to 15 minutes of operation. To check for either of these conditions, channel coolant and uproot the indoor regulator (under the indoor regulator lodging) in the event that you are unsure of the area of the indoor regulator on your motor counsel an auto repair manual.

When you have uprooted the indoor regulator investigate the state of the primary body check for any splits or broken pieces and check the valve to verify it is shut. On the off chance that the valve is open the indoor regulator has fizzled and needs to be supplanted. To check the operation of the indoor regulator set up a pot of water on the stove profound enough to blanket the indoor regulator totally. Place the indoor regulator in the pot of water, turn the stove on a medium-high fire, the indoor regulator ought to open right before the water reaches boiling point. In the event that the water has bubbled and the indoor regulator valve is still shut the indoor regulator has fizzled and needs to be put.

Fundamental Checks

Low levels of coolant can prompt issues identified with motor overheating. Continuously keep up legitimate levels of coolant in the flood coolant store tank. Just! Check the radiator when the motor is icy. Just include radiator fluid and reinstall the top legitimately.

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Public Transport Uses

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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How to safely capture video from YouTube

Saturday, May 24, 2014
In September last year, YouTube announced that it will add the possibility of watching videos on mobile devices even when you do not have an internet connection. Unfortunately, this has not yet become reality.

But the good news is that it is extremely easy to download videos from YouTube, to watch them later. By PC Advisor will show you how to safely record videos on your PC, smartphone or tablet, whether they work with iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry.

1. Download from YouTube
There are many ways to download video from YouTube - using a browser plugin or simply by placing the URL of the video in the site of an appropriate service. The media, however, we recommend KeepVid, but Freemake Video Converter  and  Freemake Video Downloader   are also good alternatives.
- Go to and find the video you want to download. Copy the URL from the address bar of your browser.
- Go to and click in the box to the left of the button "Download". Press "Ctrl-V", to paste the copied URL and click "Download". You see the available versions of the video that will appear below.
- From the list, select the desired format. For better compatibility, select MP4 as well as the highest quality (in this case 720p). Then just click on the link to start the download and ignore the flashing ads on the page.

2. How to download MP3 music from YouTube
Sometimes you may want to download only the audio from a video on YouTube. The process is almost identical to that described above, but instead of using, go to and paste the URL of the video in the box.

3. How to download a YouTube playlist
KeepVid is a useful site, but if you want to download a lot of videos or playlists then you need   ChrisPC Free VideoTube Downloader . When installing the program, be careful to not install extra other unnecessary programs so read the instructions and information carefully before you click "Decline".

4. How to download YouTube videos directly on our smartphone or tablet 
There are many free applications that can yeah found on Google Play and App Store, but TubeMate for Android and Tube Downloader for iPad and iPhone work very well.
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